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If you are a yoga enthusiast, the idea of doing yoga with your child seems like a lot of fun! But do you know what yoga is beneficial to children in a variety of ways? Children also experience physical, social and emotional challenges that can be stressful for them. A dedicated yoga practice could help them deal with these by learning breathing techniques and physical postures. In this post, we’re going to talk about some of the benefits of yoga to your child, which could definitely convince you to buy more yoga mats for hot yoga or one for a beginner.

Enhanced Physical Flexibility

Yoga practice leads to better physical strength as kids eventually learn how to use their muscles in different ways. It doesn’t matter if the pose is sitting, standing or lying down; all these poses stimulate different muscle groups, while at the same time making the child aware of his own body, as well as how it functions as a whole.

Refined Coordination and Balance

Yoga is centered on balance. The purpose of the balancing poses in yoga is to promote physical and mental poise. As you try different poses, your mind and body work together to achieve balance. For a child, it may be difficult to stand on one foot. Nevertheless, this process allows him to do physical and mental balance. And as your child improves in his balance, this will give him a sense of accomplishment.

Improved Concentration and Focus

As your child practices various yoga poses, he is made to clear his mind and keep focused. According to several studies, yoga can help students perform well in school by learning how to concentrate and focus.

Higher Self-Esteem

Yoga instills confidence among children. Not only that, yoga teaches them to be patients, committed and hardworking. Yoga is not easy for many of us, and kids could experience its difficulty as well when they perform it. As a result, it becomes so rewarding for them to be able to do the poses they were not able to do at first.

Mother and Child Bonding

As a mother, every time you spend with your child is precious and fun, especially when you can do something you love with your child. Doing yoga practice with your child, be it at home or in a studio, is an excellent bonding moment for the two of you.

Now that you’re convinced that your child will benefit a lot from yoga, it’s time to get your child’s own NOW Athletics beginner yoga mat.



Today marks the day I am returning to my yoga practice after a couple of weeks of hiatus. I must say that I am pretty excited about going to the studio and meeting my pals and instructor. As I was preparing my stuff, I couldn’t help staring at my yoga mat wondering what it really is made of. I guess I couldn’t get off my mind the conversation I had with a friend of mine regarding yoga mats for hot yoga.

What is wrong with PVC yoga mats?

Almost all yoga matsyou will see out there are made from polyvinyl chloride, more commonly known as PVC. It is widely believed that PVC is one of the most harmful and toxic types of plastics being used today. So what makes it a dangerous plastic material?

Well, for one, the main ingredient used for making PVC is vinyl chloride, which is a carcinogen. Also, when PVC is manufactured, the known byproducts are dioxins. These PVC yoga mats are then made softer with the use of added plasticizers, which contain high levels of phthalates, which are known for causing cancer and other developmental issues.

All these toxins pose a lot of risk not only to its users, but to those exposed to it during the manufacturing process. To make things worse, PVC is non-biodegradable, which means that it will sit in landfills for a very long time after they are disposed of.

What better alternatives to PVC yoga mats are available?

With environmental conservation becoming a trend in recent years, many companies have begun producing eco-friendly yoga mats for hot yoga. Now Athletics yoga mat, in particular, is an Eco TPE mat that uses antimicrobial closed cell technology.

Several reviews about this yoga accessories yoga mat are on the internet, and they contain all the information you need to know about this product. From my personal experience, I could say that it’s a pretty sustainable type of mat. It allows you to have an impact resistance yoga session, and comes with a lifetime guarantee as well. I have been using mine for over eight years already, during which I never felt there was a need to me to replace it.

How to choose the right yoga mat?

The easiest way to know what the best yoga mats for hot yoga are is to ask other yogis about the type of mat they are using. You may also go online and look around for product reviews so you would have an idea what other people are saying about certain brands of yoga mats. Now Athletics yoga mats are perfect for moderate to intense exercises, and an excellent tool for beginners and advanced yogis.



If you are thinking of starting a yoga class, one that might interest you is Vinyasa yoga. It is a discipline that makes use of various postures and techniques for breathing. What you will like more about this yoga practice is that it has numerous health benefits because it focuses on the body, mind and spirit.

How Vinyasa Yoga Differs from Other Yoga Practices

Vinyasa yoga is a practice that derives from hatha yoga, but it isn’t totally the same as its predecessor. In general, Vinyasa practice is fast paced. Also, the postures are all linked together in movements that are also synchronized with breathing. The main focus of this type of yoga is on the breathing as well as the transition in between the postures. To explain it simply, the upward movements are related with inhalations of the breath, while the downward motions correlate with exhalations.

The movements involved in Vinyasa yoga are continual or goes from one pose to another. It is through this that this yoga practice has cardiovascular benefits. This is something that traditional yoga forms do not usually have. Moreover, the routine practice of this yoga results to increased flexibility, endurance, muscular strength, as well as reduced stress levels.

Is This the Right Yoga for You?

Your choice of which yoga practice to engage in would largely depend on your physical fitness as well as lifestyle. Of course, each yoga form requires varying amounts of movements and strength. Thus, it is important to choose one that you will be comfortable doing. What you can do is visit a couple of yoga classes so that you may observe and have an idea of how the different yoga practices go. You may also ask some of your friends who have been doing yoga about this.

What to Prepare before Joining a Yoga Class

If you have decided that Vinyasa yoga is the perfect one for you, the next thing you should do is prepare the things you will need for your yoga class. In almost all yoga studios, yoga mats are provided to the students. These mats are usually rented out by those who don’t have their own yoga mats. This is convenient, of course, but there are several reasons why you should buy yoga mat for your personal use.

Communal yoga mats are cleaned thoroughly only once a week. After they are used, they are disinfected with spray and wipes. But this does not guarantee that the sweat and dirt that has accumulated in the mat will be totally removed. This is unhygienic, as you can imagine. But, if you buy yoga mat for your own use, you can clean it as frequently as needed because it is yours anyway.

NOW Athletics yoga mats offer great quality and comfort for whatever yoga practice you do. If you don’t have your own yoga mat yet, go ahead and visit and make your order now.