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Acupuncture has long been used as an alternative means to manage pain and even cure a variety of health conditions. This method is so effective that it is now performed in so many different ways. A great example of this is electroacupuncture (EA). This type of acupuncture came into existence in the mid-1900s and was proven effective in improving the more traditional treatments using acupuncture. Here you will find interesting facts about electroacupuncture and why you should consider having it along with an all day spa treatment to get reenergized.

How Does Electroacupuncture Work?

In EA, the pressure points used are the same as those used in an ordinary acupuncture. Both these practices actually are performed on almost the same principle. The only difference, obviously, is that in EA, the needles are connected to a device that sends electrical pulses or currents into the body.

Electrical currents, as long as they are regulated, have beneficial and stimulating effects on the body. These currents can affect the body’s tissues, cells and even the entire system. In comparison to other electrotherapy techniques, in which electricity is made to flow over the skin only, EA lets the currents into the body.

What Are the Benefits of Electroacupuncture?

Studies have shown that EA has the ability to treat many different health conditions, especially the chronic ones. The use of electricity can obviously benefit muscle spasms, pain and other neurological issues. But aside from these, EA can also be used to deal with such conditions as hypertension, heart disease, weight gain, nausea, and skin troubles.

Is This Procedure Safe?

Generally speaking, EA is safe for use. It is not recommended, however, for those people who are using a pacemaker. People with a history of epilepsy or seizures should not have this type of acupuncture also.

Caution should be observed as well when using it in the midline of the body and in the head. Thus, before using EA as a therapy, you must have a treatment plan that is specific to your needs and condition. It is a must also that an expert practitioner perform this to ensure safety.

EA As Part of Your Lifestyle

There is nothing wrong with having acupuncture or EA on a regular basis. Doing it daily is too much, though. Always seek advice from your physician before you undertake this healing method.

Another habit you should make is having a full service day spa every once in a while. With the huge amounts of work you have, the responsibilities to fulfill, and the pressure to overcome, your body deserves some kind of pampering. A really nice body massage will give you back the energy you need to remain productive and happy.


If you are having a hard time getting enough and quality sleep at night, here’s some good news for you. Several studies show that acupuncture has the ability to help patients with insomnia get more sleep time by increasing their melatonin production at night. In those studies, patients with anxiety were seen to fall asleep much faster, resulting to them feeling much less stressed during the day. As someone with anxiety disorder and insomnia, acupuncture and spending some time at a local day spa could really do wonders for you!

How to Use Acupuncture to Sleep Better?

Any type of sleep disorder, especially insomnia, can have significant effects to one’s health and quality of life. If you only get to have a few hours of sleep every single night, it won’t be surprising to hear that you’re almost always not in a good mood during the day. It is likely also that your performance at school or at work is affected. Lack of sleep could even take its toll on you relationships with your family and other people around you. Thus, this condition should not in any way be taken for granted.

There are several ways to cure insomnia. There are even medications used for patients who cannot sleep. But if you don’t want to take any medicine for your condition, then a change of lifestyle and using alternative means of getting enough sleep would be recommended. This is what makes acupuncture a solution that is worth trying.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Ask around or do some research to find an experienced acupuncturist. There are a number of acupuncturists around, but you have to choose one that has a long record of offering such services. You could check online for websites that will help you locate a reliable acupuncturist in your local area.
  2. Choose an acupuncturist that you will be comfortable with. Acupuncture is all about needles. An acupuncturist is someone who is going to use his or her skills to help you recover from a certain condition, which in this case is insomnia. It is important that you are comfortable with the practitioner you’re using. This way, you will be able to explain your condition more openly, and the practitioner will also be more open to communicating with you regarding your condition.
  3. Be patient in waiting for the results. A single session of acupuncture won’t get you to sleep for long hours. You have to understand that insomnia is a sleep disorder that is affected by a couple of different factors, which include your body and lifestyle. Thus, you should have a couple of acupuncture treatments before you could tell if it’s working or not.

Altering your lifestyle is a necessary step to overcome insomnia. Give your mind and body time to relax by having a day spa treatment every once in a while, and you will see some great results. Now Yoga and Fitness studio is a fine place to unwind and give yourself the relaxation it needs.


sports massage at now yoga day spa.jpgWhether you are a professional or an amateur sportsman or woman, you know how physically demanding  it could be to engage in a particular type of sports. Not only that, by playing contact sports, especially, you are always at risk of having an injury. With that said, it makes a lot of sense that sports massage is a vital part in the routine of every athlete. Many sports enthusiasts get massage and spa services in Providence on a regular basis because they benefit from it physically, physiologically, and psychologically.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a kind of therapy that aims to maintain the body in better condition. It can also help protect you from various injuries and even loss of mobility. For injured individuals, sports massage can help restore mobility and boost performance. In general, sports massage aids in improving and extending the life of a person’s sporting career.

What Are the Physical Effects of Sports Massage?


The stroking movements involved in a sports massage cause fluid to be sucked through lymph vessels and blood vessels. When the pressure in front of the stroke is increased, a formation of a vacuum happens. This is very important in damaged or tight muscle tissue because a tight muscle squeezes blood out like sponge. As a result, the tissues are deprived of energy and nutrients to repair.

Improved Tissue Permeability

By doing deep massage, the pores in tissue membranes open, and therefore enable nutrients and fluid to pass through. What happens is that waste products, like lactic acid, are removed, and the muscles are made to take up oxygen and nutrients for faster recovery.


Sports massage can cause tissues to stretch. These are tissues that can’t be stretched in ordinary methods. With a sports massage, the muscle fibres are stretched sideways and lengthwise as well. Massage can also lead to the stretching of the fascia or sheath that surrounds the muscles, which then results to the release of pressure or tension from the muscles.

Scar Tissue Breakdown

Scar tissues come from previous trauma or injuries, which can have an impact on ligaments, tendons, and muscles. This is likely to cause tissues to be inflexible and to be more prone to pain and injury.

Increased Tissue Elasticity

Through hard training, tissues can become inelastic and stiff. This explains why hard training should not be expected to yield positive results. Meanwhile, massage can reverse this.


There is no doubt that massage, whatever the type may be, is good for the body. Whether you are an athlete or not, you will benefit from a day spa in Providence. Visit Now Yoga and Fitness to see how their services can help you relax and rejuvenate.