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Sports Massage and Its Physical Benefits

sports massage at now yoga day spa.jpgWhether you are a professional or an amateur sportsman or woman, you know how physically demanding  it could be to engage in a particular type of sports. Not only that, by playing contact sports, especially, you are always at risk of having an injury. With that said, it makes a lot of sense that sports massage is a vital part in the routine of every athlete. Many sports enthusiasts get massage and spa services in Providence on a regular basis because they benefit from it physically, physiologically, and psychologically.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a kind of therapy that aims to maintain the body in better condition. It can also help protect you from various injuries and even loss of mobility. For injured individuals, sports massage can help restore mobility and boost performance. In general, sports massage aids in improving and extending the life of a person’s sporting career.

What Are the Physical Effects of Sports Massage?


The stroking movements involved in a sports massage cause fluid to be sucked through lymph vessels and blood vessels. When the pressure in front of the stroke is increased, a formation of a vacuum happens. This is very important in damaged or tight muscle tissue because a tight muscle squeezes blood out like sponge. As a result, the tissues are deprived of energy and nutrients to repair.

Improved Tissue Permeability

By doing deep massage, the pores in tissue membranes open, and therefore enable nutrients and fluid to pass through. What happens is that waste products, like lactic acid, are removed, and the muscles are made to take up oxygen and nutrients for faster recovery.


Sports massage can cause tissues to stretch. These are tissues that can’t be stretched in ordinary methods. With a sports massage, the muscle fibres are stretched sideways and lengthwise as well. Massage can also lead to the stretching of the fascia or sheath that surrounds the muscles, which then results to the release of pressure or tension from the muscles.

Scar Tissue Breakdown

Scar tissues come from previous trauma or injuries, which can have an impact on ligaments, tendons, and muscles. This is likely to cause tissues to be inflexible and to be more prone to pain and injury.

Increased Tissue Elasticity

Through hard training, tissues can become inelastic and stiff. This explains why hard training should not be expected to yield positive results. Meanwhile, massage can reverse this.


There is no doubt that massage, whatever the type may be, is good for the body. Whether you are an athlete or not, you will benefit from a day spa in Providence. Visit Now Yoga and Fitness to see how their services can help you relax and rejuvenate.

What Makes Vinyasa Yoga A Great Practice?


If you are thinking of starting a yoga class, one that might interest you is Vinyasa yoga. It is a discipline that makes use of various postures and techniques for breathing. What you will like more about this yoga practice is that it has numerous health benefits because it focuses on the body, mind and spirit.

How Vinyasa Yoga Differs from Other Yoga Practices

Vinyasa yoga is a practice that derives from hatha yoga, but it isn’t totally the same as its predecessor. In general, Vinyasa practice is fast paced. Also, the postures are all linked together in movements that are also synchronized with breathing. The main focus of this type of yoga is on the breathing as well as the transition in between the postures. To explain it simply, the upward movements are related with inhalations of the breath, while the downward motions correlate with exhalations.

The movements involved in Vinyasa yoga are continual or goes from one pose to another. It is through this that this yoga practice has cardiovascular benefits. This is something that traditional yoga forms do not usually have. Moreover, the routine practice of this yoga results to increased flexibility, endurance, muscular strength, as well as reduced stress levels.

Is This the Right Yoga for You?

Your choice of which yoga practice to engage in would largely depend on your physical fitness as well as lifestyle. Of course, each yoga form requires varying amounts of movements and strength. Thus, it is important to choose one that you will be comfortable doing. What you can do is visit a couple of yoga classes so that you may observe and have an idea of how the different yoga practices go. You may also ask some of your friends who have been doing yoga about this.

What to Prepare before Joining a Yoga Class

If you have decided that Vinyasa yoga is the perfect one for you, the next thing you should do is prepare the things you will need for your yoga class. In almost all yoga studios, yoga mats are provided to the students. These mats are usually rented out by those who don’t have their own yoga mats. This is convenient, of course, but there are several reasons why you should buy yoga mat for your personal use.

Communal yoga mats are cleaned thoroughly only once a week. After they are used, they are disinfected with spray and wipes. But this does not guarantee that the sweat and dirt that has accumulated in the mat will be totally removed. This is unhygienic, as you can imagine. But, if you buy yoga mat for your own use, you can clean it as frequently as needed because it is yours anyway.

NOW Athletics yoga mats offer great quality and comfort for whatever yoga practice you do. If you don’t have your own yoga mat yet, go ahead and visit and make your order now.

Amazing Facts About Ashtanga Yoga


There are various types of yoga practice, all of which have its own focus or objective. If you are looking for something that will enhance physical and psychological relaxation, Ashtanga Yoga might just be the perfect option. But the first question you may have in your mind is how this type of yoga differs from other yoga practices. That’s what we are going to look into here.

The Many Ways Ashtanga Yoga Is Unique

Enhancement of Flexibility and Strength

It is believed that Ashtanga Yoga is the only yoga practice that is aimed at developing strength and flexibility at the same time. Interestingly, most yoga practices focus on the development of a person’s flexibility, and not much his strength. This is quite strange because a physically fit individual would need to have both strength and flexibility.

Importance of Self Practice

Another thing that separates Ashtanga from all other types of yoga is its great emphasis on the importance of self practice. Interestingly, other yoga methods do not pay much attention to this aspect of yoga. This seems like the trend despite the fact that doing self practice is vital in becoming meditative in any Asana practice.

Ashtanga Yoga teachers who hold classes in a self practice format have the right skills to be able to work with or teach diverse groups of students.

Fast Physical Results

It is very interesting to know that in comparison to any other yoga practice, Ashtanga Yoga has the ability to speed up the physical results of yoga. It all starts with the balance between strength and flexibility, plus the addition of self practice. By regularly performing various Ashtanga positions on your closed cell yoga mat, it won’t take long before you may really notice the big changes in your body. Take note, however, that it requires so much discipline for you to last in this kind of yoga practice. Nevertheless, how it makes you feel about your body is certainly worth all the effort.

Observing the Moon Days

As far as I know, Ashtanga Yoga is one of the very few systems that follow the cycle of the moon. In this yoga practice, attention is given to the cycle of the moon, as well as its effects on the body.

How Do You Choose the Right Yoga Practice?

There really isn’t any formula that you may use in order to determine what yoga practice fits you. Yoga in itself is beneficial to the mind and body, so you can definitely experience positive changes to your life by regularly doing yoga. What’s important is that you choose the type of yoga that matches your capability, and to use a good closed cell yoga mat. Using the right type of yoga mat can definitely give you an amazing yoga experience.

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